Founded in 2001, Pantheon Group began with one startup business distributing Mining and Oil & Gas chemistry, and has grown to have a global presence in the USA, China, India and South America, emerging as a leader in three different industries over the past 19 years, with an annual turnover of more than Dh1.2 B (USD 325$M) with headquarters in Dubai. Each successful venture has led to the next, and our interests have diversified over time, so that today, we have interests in mining, oil & gas, financial services viz. Asset Management, Financial Advisory services in global capital markets.


Our newest venture incorporated in 2016 is Pantheon Development. In each of these markets, Pantheon has achieved great success, often outperforming other companies who have been in that market for decades. Pantheon group quickly became the largest Iodine distributor in the world and remains one of the dominant stakeholder in the Iodine industry.


Our venture into financial services, received a lot of attention from the industry and the media (CNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters). Pantheon Group is built on the foundation of strategic planning and impeccable execution. We endeavor to grow, and diversify, and become a lead player in any industry we decide to enter. This confidence is based, not only on the


successful track record over the last 19 years, but also because we firmly believe in our core values.

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