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Estidama contract Dubai


In the Arabic language, “Estidama” is the word for sustainability. The Estidama program is a key part of the “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030”. It is a building design methodology that will allow buildings to be constructed and also operated sustainably. Even if Estidama took its root in Abu Dhabi, it is currently under work in all the emirates of the UAE.

How does the Estidama Lease Contract work?


Previously, to obtain a trade license for any mainland businesses in Dubai and the UAE, they had to rent a physical office space. The office had to be a minimum size of 200 square feet according to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. After a business had rented such office space, officials from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai would come and inspect the office. If they approved of the space, only then they would issue a trade license.

However, recently the Department of Economic Development in Dubai started to permit smaller businesses to rent virtual offices and still be able to apply for trade licenses. This route is more sustainable for smaller businesses and hence it is named the Estidama lease contract. The Estidama lease contract is basically a contract for a virtual office. With the Estidama lease contract, you get a complete lease agreement, which is a requirement for getting a trade license in the UAE. You can get in contact with Estidama consultants in Dubai and get Estidama offices in business centers here easily.

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