Management Contract and representation of contract.
Workflow driven EJARI administration and support.
Financial reports and insightful statistics about the rental market.
AI based signature verification.
Real Estate Property Asset Management.
Gateway to utility provider like DEWA, Du etc.

More Info About Ejari

If you have just moved to Dubai or are in the process of doing so shortly, you will soon come across the term Ejari in conversations. So, let us understand what Ejari is precisely.

Well, Ejari means ‘my rent’ in Arabic. It is the mandatory registration of your tenancy contract. Initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera), the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department, Ejari came into being to make the rental market in Dubai on of the most transparent market in the world.

Furthermore, Ejari is not just limited to the initial rent contract registration. It includes a vast array of services which include registration, cancellation, transfers, and termination of your rental contract.

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